The Agreement Analysis™ package takes advantage of the advanced integration capabilities and rich client environment of the .Net platform to provide engineers with highly accessible, real-time, statistical descisioning on critical processes.

Some typical uses:

  • External due diligence
    • Comparing independent estimates made between buyers and sellers of commodities. 
  • Internal accounting
    • mine and processing plant
    • processing plant and smelter
  • Comparing
    • sampling systems
    • laboratories
    • analytical methods 


  • Detecting measurement biases 
  • Detecting sampling biases 
  • Detecting materials loss 
  • Characterizing process variability 

Includes techniques for: 

  • Measuring correlation between estimates 
  • Investigating and comparing variability of estimates over time and characterizing the random noise 
  • Comparing short-term trends in the estimates 
  • Identifying statistically significant bias between estimates 

Key Features:

  • Ease of use for comparing data sets 
  • Based on proven statistical foundations 
  • Import from data sources such as Text files, Microsoft eXcel, etc.
  • Simple annotation capabilities for reporting 
  • Output to various formats such as Microsoft Word and jpeg
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