OGC™ is a versatile approach using the principles of the Sampling Theory as presented by C.O. Ingamells. It is an effective tool used by managers to investigate optimization of sampling protocols and sampling patterns, and if not optimized, the possible negative effects. Such investigations of flawed sampling protocols and sampling patterns may minimize negative consequences resulting from:

  • Poor sampling and subsampling protocols 
  • Poor sampling frequency 
  • Highly Poisson skewed data 
  • Poor precision ellipses 
  • Poor cutoff grade selection 
  • Cutoff grade incompatible with precision ellipse 
  • Very large, invisible operation cost 

An effective tool for analyzing and evaluating exploration data and costs. Sampling characteristics of the ore are calculated, and then a sampling protocol is developed. Drilling costs are minimized while maximizing information. Ore grade misclassification is estimated. OGC™ is a set of techniques to assess the origin of variability in any sampling pattern:

  • An exploration drilling pattern 
  • A blast-hole drilling pattern 
  • A laboratory subsampling pattern from an analytical sample pulp

OGC™ Applications:

  • Assessment of variability sources in existing data 
  • Assessment of sampling characteristics in a new ore or product 
  • Optimization of exploration costs by optimizing total sample weight 
  • Quantifying possible money losses using precision ellipses 
  • Quantifying possible money losses using duplicate samples 
  • Quantifying possible money losses using simulated duplicated samples 

OGC™ Features:

  • Standard Windows 95, 98, 2000 graphical user interface 
  • Supported file formats for data sets are: .vts, .xls, tab delimited ASCII 
  • User configurable high quality graphical output 
  • Sophisticated Sampling Diagrams, precision ellipses and their synergy with selected grade cutoffs 
  • Relative Difference plots and Moving Average to detect additional biases 
  • Hyper-text linked User Reference Manual 

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