OSP™ is a highly effective tool used to analyze and evaluate the optimization of a sampling protocol. Heterogeneity Tests are performed to discover sampling characteristics of new, unknown material. OSP™ simplifies complex calculations and provides a logical format to help you interpret Heterogeneity Tests. 

Nomographs are the fundamental graphical methodology used to facilitate the presentation and interpretation of: 

  • Sampling for size distribution analysis 
  • Liberated precious or base metals 
  • Heterogeneity Tests involving fragments or samples collected one by one 
  • Heterogeneity Tests involving duplicate samples 
  • Pairs data analysis 

OSP™ is used to optimize sampling protocols for particle size distribution analysis, for liberated precious metals, and for non-liberated components of interest. 

OSP™ is used to detect conditional biases in two series of measurements generated by two different methods. 

Graphical techniques facilitate the presentation and interpretation of these analyses. A nomograph allows one to represent a relationship among three variables on a two dimensional chart. For example, Option 1 (Size) relates the three variables: 

  • Maximum particle size of liberated metal, d 
  • Variance of the Fundamental Error, S2FE 
  • Sample weight, MS 
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