Your data has been meticulously gathered and stored at considerable expense. It has value... don't let it gather dust! 

With EMPV™, you can put that data to work and determine the source of variability while controlling key process parameters. 

EMPV™ is an effective tool used by managers to investigate an operation's control of key process parameters. 

Such investigations of process variability minimize negative consequences resulting from: 

  • Poor quality products 
  • Poor metal recovery
  • Energy consumption 
  • Chemical reagents consumption 
  • Excessive maintenance, or lack of it… 
  • Costly process over-correction 
  • Unrealistic goals 
  • Inter-departmental disagreements 
  • Focus on negative effects 

EMPV™ Aplications:

  • Feed size distribution to a floatation plant
  • Gold leaching tank's cyanide content 
  • Slag metal content 
  • Copper concentrate's moisture content feeding a smelter 
  • Regular plant pollutant discharge 
  • pH across a CIL or CIP gold leaching process 
  • Pyrometallurgical furnace temperature 
  • Impurities in copper cathodes 
  • Temperature impacts caused by a misaligned SAG Mill axle 
  • Gold loaded carbon losses through a CIL or CIP plant, etc… 
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